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Order of Mass

Posted by universalis on 4 September 2011

The downloadable version of Universalis for Windows now includes the ability to create an e-book with the Order of Mass. Previously the Order of Mass could be viewed on the screen but not written as an e-book. To get the new features, download and install it again.

In addition, we now have a new Order of Mass page, which lets you view the Order of Mass online. You will also find Kindle and ePub versions of the Order of Mass e-book on that page.

7 Responses to “Order of Mass”

  1. For those in the United States, know that Universalis’ Order of Mass follows what will be used in the U.S. starting in Advent (Sunday, November 27, 2011) in the 3d Edition of the Roman Missal.

  2. Anonymous said

    Has anyone been able to use the Kindle version of the order of mass with the Palm version of Mobireader? I can view it with the PC version, but I cannot seem to manage to transfer it to my Palm.

  3. Anonymous said

    Will the prayers of the mass be available (collect, prayer over gifts, post communion)?

  4. angela said

    Thankyou, thankyou, than you!, Thank God! I’ve been hoping for this development for ages and with the new translation and no new missals to be had anywhere this is now a groundbreaker on every level. (One publisher’s spokesperson said that since i was not a priest, i did not need a missal!)
    Now universals is the absolute perfect companion for travelling light with the riches of the liturgy and spiritual reading to take me anywhere in the world, even into the suburban liturgical wastelands.

    But, possibly, is there one more thing to add? Occasionally I find myself at a roughly traditional Benediction but when the hymns are sung, no words are provided (either in latin or vernacular)either because its a foreign country, or only the choir is allowed to sing, or no-one got round to providing anything. Then I think, some of these traditional core hymns and prayers would be a fantastic addition.

  5. Mark said

    Thank you for the Order of Mass – it is a real help on the kindle. Given that there appears to be the ability to have something similar to hypertext links in the Office of readings, it would be wonderful in the Order of Mass to be able to choose a Eucharistic Prayer via a link and then to jumpd to the Our Father at the end of the Eucharistic Prayer. Just a thought realy!

  6. Greg said

    I agree with Angela Benediction would be an essential addition in (Latin plus English or other languages). Also why omit all the silent prayers the celebrant say, when other Order of Mass Apps, The Sunday & Weekday Missals do enclude them.

  7. All the Universalis apps include the priest’s private prayers as an option that you can turn on if you want it.

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