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Order of Mass on the Mac

Posted by universalis on 8 September 2011

The Mac version of Universalis has been updated to include the Order of Mass. You can download the latest version here.

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Order of Mass

Posted by universalis on 4 September 2011

The downloadable version of Universalis for Windows now includes the ability to create an e-book with the Order of Mass. Previously the Order of Mass could be viewed on the screen but not written as an e-book. To get the new features, download and install it again.

In addition, we now have a new Order of Mass page, which lets you view the Order of Mass online. You will also find Kindle and ePub versions of the Order of Mass e-book on that page.

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New Windows download available

Posted by universalis on 1 September 2011

The new version of the Universalis program for Windows is now available for download.

It contains the new English translation of the Order of Mass, and various other improvements.

You will notice blue arrows on the right-hand side of some of the pages. These let you choose between various options. For instance:

  • Optional memorials: which saint (if any) you want to celebrate.
  • Invitatory psalm: which hour you want to precede with the Invitatory Psalm.
  • Daytime psalms: whether you want to use the psalms of the day or the complementary psalms.
  • Order of Mass: many options, such as the choice of Penitential Rite, Creed, and Eucharistic Prayer.

For the blind and partially sighted who are using a screen reader, blue arrows do not appear. Instead, all these options are selectable from the menu bar, in the new View menu.

The equivalent iPhone application will be updated soon: it has already been submitted to Apple. The Mac version of Universalis will be updated next week.

NOTE: As of Sunday 4 September, the downloadable program for Windows includes an option to create an e-book for the Order of Mass.

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