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Palm and Windows Mobile

Posted by universalis on 31 August 2011

We have ceased further development of Universalis for Palm OS and Windows Mobile. These are old systems, and having to cope with their limitations has been holding back the development of Universalis in general.

The final versions of Universalis for these systems are dated 8 August 2011. They will remain available for download in the future but no updates will be issued. For this reason we have made them into free downloads, for Palm OS and for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile. You don’t need to pay, and no registration codes are required.

If you have an old Palm or Windows Mobile device lying unused in a drawer, you might consider installing Universalis on it and donating it to someone who wants to have electronic access to the Liturgy of the Hours but can’t afford a new device.

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Order of Mass coming soon

Posted by universalis on 31 August 2011

We have today received the Imprimatur that allows us to include the Order of Mass in the Universalis downloads.

The new iPhone version of Universalis will be available as a free update from the App Store as soon as Apple have approved it.

We are working on the new Windows and Mac versions and they will be available soon.

For the latest news about Palm and Windows Mobile, please see the next blog post.

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-ise and -ize

Posted by universalis on 8 August 2011

Since Universalis contains text in two languages (plus Greek), it seems worth setting out our house style in detail.

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