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HTC HD2 and Windows Mobile

Posted by universalis on 25 November 2010

Some users of the HTC HD2 phone have reported that they cannot select which saint to celebrate on a particular day because the drop-down list at the top of the page isn’t visible.

This is a bug that has been incorporated into the HD2 by HTC themselves. A normal Windows Mobile 6.5 device does not show this problem.

The following information from a Universalis user may be helpful:

I have been doing some more experimenting.  I have flashed new ROM’s to my devices from xda.

The problem is not with WM6.5 – there are certain versions of 6.5 which have no trouble showing the dropdowns, others will not allow you to scroll through the various options for the day. So I have now have the Energy ROM loaded on my HD2, which now allows you to select which day you wish to celebrate; with the old stock ROM, it couldn’t handle the dropdowns.

One Response to “HTC HD2 and Windows Mobile”

  1. Kevin Gooley said

    Sadly my device does not allow me to enter my user code. Also it does not allow the drop down box for optional saints.

    It runs windows mobile 6.5 professional on a HTC look-a-like. When I open the about tabs it opens the generic control buttons, but not the ok button on the applications status bar at the top. Also does not allow ok/close button on the other pages???

    As I said very sad, but I can still us mobipocket version.

    Thank you for your continuing efforts.

    God Bless


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