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Windows Phone 7

Posted by universalis on 24 November 2010

The Windows Mobile version of the Universalis download will not work on Windows Phone 7. This is the result of a deliberate policy decision by Microsoft and there is nothing that we are able to do about it. Unless and until Microsoft change their mind, the only options for Universalis users (apart from the web site) are e-books or the automated email service.

Technical background

Microsoft have decided to ban applications written in industry-standard programming languages such as C++ from Windows Phone 7. The only applications allowed onto Windows Phone 7 are those written in Microsoft’s own languages.

It is impracticable to rewrite every line of the 40,000-line Universalis program into a new language, and then to maintain the two versions in parallel through every enhancement or bug correction. Universalis is not the only sufferer. Mozilla Firefox is the highest-profile project to be shut out of Windows Phone 7 development (news story) but there are many others.

One Response to “Windows Phone 7”

  1. rjstep3 said

    I’m not really fussed about Windows Phone 7 – Nokia may or may not give it a much-needed shot in the arm, but here and now everyone is talking about Android and that is where the action is.

    Any chance of an Android version – native, not on a reader, but like the WinMo version?


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