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Universalis on the iPad

Posted by universalis on 5 April 2010

We have now completed an iPad version of Universalis and submitted it to Apple for approval. Approval normally takes a week or so, but it may take longer in this case if Apple are being flooded with new applications for the iPad.

Universalis for the iPhone/iPod Touch and Universalis for the iPad are one single purchase from the App Store – what Apple call a “Universal application”. This means that if you have an iPhone and an iPad, you only need to buy Universalis once: it’ll work as an iPhone app on the iPhone and as an iPad app on the iPad.

If you already have the iPhone application, you don’t need to do anything except wait: as soon as Apple have approved our update, it’ll automatically be offered to you through the App Store.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the iPad application in action:

15 Responses to “Universalis on the iPad”

  1. It’s now been approved and it’s available in the App Store. Here’s the link.

  2. John Vicente said


    I’m new to Universalis. Why don’t you publish the Responsories for the Office of Readings between the two Readings for the day. Am I missing something?

    • No, you’re not missing anything, we are.

      Universalis has grown over the years. Year after year, gaps have been filled. The short responsories were added last year, and the responsories at the Office of Readings will appear as well in due course.

  3. Holopupenko said

    Some suggestions: (1) add a user-adjustable alarm clock that announces all prayers times throughout the day; (2) add a better visual calendar (novos ordo, Traditional, etc.) that nicely indicates season of the liturgical year, saints, external link to more information on the saint or feast/memorial/solemnity AND provides Scriptural reference (book, chapter, verses) for Mass readings; (3) add more Scripture-text choices/modules (Douay-Rheims, King James, Ignatius, etc.); (4) add language modules (Latin, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, German, French, etc.); (5) add a holy image/icon/picture for each different hour of each different day; (6) add a module containing an extensive selection of Catholic prayers (some, like myself, enjoying inserting such prayers (e.g., Aquinas “Prayer to Obtain the Grace of a Holy Life”) during the Intercessory prayers; (7) consider adding the following as an Invitatory prayer: “Lord, open my lips to praise your holy name. Cleanse my heart of any worthless, evil or distracting thoughts. Give me the wisdom and love necessary to pray this Office with attention, reverence and devotion. Father, let my prayer be heard in your presence, for it is offered through Christ our Lord. Amen.” I realize this mean a lot more work to expand the product… but I would certainly pay more, and you may want to consider selling the modules separately from the main product. God bless your work!

  4. Bill Dunn said

    I run Universalis on iPad/iPhone. Please I beg you go back to version 1.41. Version 1.42 is simply not user friendly. Page flipping should be an option. I miss the layout of 1.41 for the iPad. Very easy to use. Now in 1.42 the date selector covers the text for the day and is rendered. 1.41 had a similar layout to Mail for iPad in the horizontal orientation. Please return to that.

    • No.

      But the scrolling option will be back in 1.43 (it is already there on the iPhone in 1.42 but absent on the iPad because of a bug).

      As for the Mail-style layout you asked for, we’ll keep an eye on the situation but nothing will happen immediately.

  5. Greg said

    I may have found a bug in the compline. In previous versions the antiphon for the Nunc Dimittis was there. But in version 1.43 it is not. I check the whole week and it is not in any of them. Thanks.

    • Yes, it’s a bug. The corrected version was submitted to Apple a week ago today, so with any luck they’ll approve it this week and you’ll be offered it automatically through the App Store. Sorry about that!

      • Greg said

        No problem. Just thought I should say something in case no had noticed.

        By the way, thank you for such a wonderful app.


  6. Greg said

    Thought I should mention also that the z in zeal in the morning prayer’s closing prayer for this morning (Saint John Vianney) is missing.

    For future reference, is there somewhere we can post these bugs and corrections other than here?


    • You can click on the link at the bottom right of http://www.universalis.com to send ius an email. Corrections are always gratefully received: t’s irritating to find errors but always good to get rid of them! Our database gets corrected at once but it’ll normally take a while before the web site and the downloads are updated.

  7. Eve said

    I use Universalis on the iPhone and iPad, and notice that the iPad will not give me the option of pages vs. Scrolling. If I originally purchased the app for the iPhone, how do I get the iPad version? I’d like the option of page turning, but right now my paid version seems to be exactly what I have on my iPhone– same interface. Thank you, in any case, for a wonderful app.

    • There is only one Universalis application, and it works equally well on both the iPad and the iPhone. On both the iPad and the iPhone, the latest version lets you choose between pages and scrolling.

      I think you must be using an old version of the program. If so, check the App Store, because it will be offering you a free update. Email us if you have any further trouble, using the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every Universalis page.

  8. I downloaded this a few days ago to my IPod touch. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you. So easy, always available and at the tip of a finger. Sure beats carrying around a book with all those dangling ribbons (and I never was on the right reading)!

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