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The daily email service

Posted by universalis on 28 January 2010

After a successful experimental period, the Universalis daily email service is now officially operational. It will send you the Universalis pages of your choice daily until you tell it to stop.

You can read all about it on this page. Here is a summary:

  • If you have Universalis on the iPhone, you can set up the service directly from the Universalis application.
  • If you have bought a Universalis registration code, you can set up the service by filling in a form on our web site.
  • To stop receiving the daily emails, simply reply to one of them. It doesn’t matter what you say: even an “out of office” autoreply will be enough to stop the service until you decide to start it again.

4 Responses to “The daily email service”

  1. I paid for this for my iPhone and iPad just today and for the second time today you have cancelled my email subscription. What is the Problem???

    • The first cancellation was because you had specified a non-existent email address (xxxx@aol.comp). The second cancellation was because you had replied to the “Subscription Cancelled” messages. Any message sent back to the automatic email sender will instantly stop the service.

  2. Brad said


    When I click my “set up daily email” button, nothing happens. any ideas on what may be wrong? I’m using the App on my iPhone and iPad.


    • I’m afraid this is a bug in the latest version (1.51) of the Universalis app. We will be submitting a correction to the App Store as soon as possible and you will be notified automatically as soon as the corrected version is available for download.

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