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The Mac version can now create e-books

Posted by universalis on 25 January 2010

For some months now, it has been possible to use the Windows version of Universalis to create e-books that can be read on the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, the Amazon Kindle, and other devices. The Mac version can now do the same thing.

This web page will tell you all about Universalis e-books and how to create them.

Remember that if you have a mobile device such as Android, Blackberry, or Symbian, which can’t run any of the Universalis downloads, you may find that it is able to read Universalis e-books instead.

10 Responses to “The Mac version can now create e-books”

  1. Theresa said

    To create an e-book, your web page says:

    # Open Universalis. (The Universalis program on your Mac, not the Universalis web site).
    # Choose the settings you want: local calendar, and psalm/bible translations.
    # Go to the date you want. If you’re going to make an e-book for a week or a month, you can pick any date in the week or month in question.
    # Open the File menu and select the command “Save as ePub”.

    When I open the File menu, the ONLY option available to me is Close. I looked under all the menus, I looked under Preferences settings, I cannot find anywhere in your program where I can save anything, much less save it as an ePub file. I even thought, maybe you meant open the File Menu on Calibre, but no, the option isn’t available there either. So please, help me, where is the save command? Because I am so excited to be able to have Universalis on my Kindle, so that I can take it with me and pray anywhere (such as work), where I cannot have my computer.

    • It sounds as if you aren’t using the latest version. What does “About Universalis” tell you? If the version is earlier than 1.36, download and install the program again. You won’t need a new registration code.

  2. Susan Brandon said

    Thank you, this is great. I downloaded calibre for the Mac, made my Universalis e-book on .epub, and converted it to .mobi format using calibre. (I tried .pdb but couldn’t get it to unlock on my Blackberry ereader).

    Trying .mobi led me to discover that Kindle now has a Blackberry app, which automatically converts/opens .mobi files. The visual presentation is much nicer than the standard mobipocket reader.

    I am looking forward to having this ebook on my BB as I am traveling this month without mobile data. Nice going!

  3. Just to add to the above comment: the Universalis programs on both Mac and Windows can now create .mobi files for the Kindle without you needing to install Calibre or do a manual conversion.

  4. Gerald Hunter said

    The ebook function seems to be totally absent in my program. I have the latest version, with registration code, on a Mac running Snow Leopard. When I call for the ebook creation (epub), nothing happens at all. No box appears to specify content, filename, or destination. It is as if the routine simply is not there. Is there any idea of how this might be happenning?

    • I have just tested the latest version on Snow Leopard and it works perfectly.

      If you want to resolve this, please send us an email, including the version of the Universalis program you are using (Universalis > About Universalis will tell you). I can then send you a revised version which will write out some information to the console log, and we’ll see if we can narrow down the possible cause of the problem.

      • Gerald Hunter said

        Thanks for the reply!

        I’m running Universalis Version 1.69 / 21-Nov-11 (1372).

        A bit strange, actually, and the quirk could well be on my end. I downloaded the Windows version (I run XP using Parallels), put in the code, and it worked absolutely perfectly! So I am getting what I’m after OK, but I’d certainly be interested in finding out what’s up with the Mac version in my environment (Macbook Pro; OS X 10.6.8 with all current updates).


        Gerald Hunter

      • Universalis is meant to be quirk-proof!

        I’ve emailed you some instructions for getting more information to me which may help to elucidate the problem. Only one other person has ever reported anything like this, and he wasn’t very good at telling me enough about it so that I could do something about sorting it out.

  5. Gerald Hunter said

    To wrap this up: The tech folks at Universalis have come through with flying colours. At their request, I sent them a system log of the attempt to generate an ebook, and by the end of the day they got it, there was a fix in place. So if you ever have difficulties, don’t hesitate to consult these folks. They fix things!

  6. Mike K said

    One thing I just realized…

    I don’t have a Nook yet, but I have the Nook app on my smartphone. However, I cannot create an eBook on my desktop (Mac) and sync it into the Nook app (Android). Anyone have any idea on how to get around that?

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