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Announcing “The Snow Cow”

Posted by universalis on 21 September 2009

cowaloneWe are proud to announce the publication of our first printed book, “The Snow Cow” by Martin Kochanski, on 19 November.

Subtitled “Ghost stories for skiers”, it might not sound to you like the sort of religious or spiritual book that you’d have expected from Universalis. Certainly there isn’t much theology; and yet the stories (which don’t all contain ghosts) have an enormous amount of love and joy in them. After all, this, for a Christian, is what life and death are all about.

And quite apart from anything else, the stories are easy to read and very entertaining!

Visit the Snow Cow web site to read more about the book. There’s even a sample chapter for you to download.

One Response to “Announcing “The Snow Cow””

  1. bwoolbaugh@montana.com said

    As a skier, I purchased the Snow Cow. I now read one story in a hot tub each evening after skiing. I find it such a treat to look forward to after a glorious day on the slopes. Snow Cow stories add additional fun to the day with the great plots and interesting perspectives of the author. There are no better days than these!


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