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Daytime hours now available

Posted by universalis on 6 July 2009

The daytime hours are Terce (mid-morning), Sext (midday), and None (afternoon). Collectively they are known as the Little Hours, because they are short prayer breaks for the working day.

These hours are now available on the Universalis web site. If you are using the downloaded Universalis programs, you can get a free update here.

If you are using the Universalis application on the iPhone or iPod Touch, the latest version of the software (1.30) contains a slightly simplified version of these hours. The next version is on the way and should be with you in a couple of weeks: you will be notified automatically when it is ready, and given an opportunity to download it free of charge.

4 Responses to “Daytime hours now available”

  1. Brandon said

    This is great news.

    But may I ask where it is in the software? I have the trial, but when I go back to October, 2008, when it says I am allowed to view the readings, there are no options for the little hours. Is this only unlocked with the registration code?

    I did download the latest version just a few minutes ago.


  2. John said

    I am delighted to see the Grail version of the psalms. But only some of the psalms are downloading to my Palm Tungsten E2. This may be because of my difficulty in following the instructions – old age and glaucoma. (I was on the early recording of the Psalms led by Owen Brannigan, Wilfred Trotman, and others.)

    • This was a bug in the Palm version, which has now been corrected. Anyone else who is suffering from the same problem on the Palm should simply download and install the program again. Sorry about this.

  3. Robert Tseu said

    Is it possible to include the Entrance Antiphon?


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