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Narrower banners for webmasters

Posted by universalis on 31 May 2009

Someone asked us if we could make the Universalis banner narrower so that she could fit it at the side of her blog. Something like this:


So now, as you see, we have. You can choose your own banner width, within reason (because the banners don’t get any deeper as they get narrower). Instructions are here.

2 Responses to “Narrower banners for webmasters”

  1. Gordon Lawrence said

    Can the banners be adapted so as to reflect a local calender, as opposed to the main calender? This would be really useful for parish websites.

  2. Yes, they can. Just modify the ‘bannerXXX.gif’ link in the same way you’d modify a Universalis link. The How to Link to Us page will tell you about the modifications for local calendars, and I’ll expand the Banners page to include an explanation as well.

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