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Narrower banners for webmasters

Posted by universalis on 31 May 2009

Someone asked us if we could make the Universalis banner narrower so that she could fit it at the side of her blog. Something like this:


So now, as you see, we have. You can choose your own banner width, within reason (because the banners don’t get any deeper as they get narrower). Instructions are here.

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Copy and Paste

Posted by universalis on 29 May 2009

In the last mailing to the Universalis mailing list I forgot to mention that the new version of the Windows download now has easier ways of copying to the Clipboard. In addition, the Windows Mobile download , which couldn’t copy at all, now has that ability. In both cases you can copy the current reading or the whole page.

Follow the links to get the downloads and see the instructions.

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e-books: what is the missing ingredient?

Posted by universalis on 18 May 2009

There is a debate in the e-book world – well, not so much a debate as an extended rumination – about how to make e-books worth more to the people who buy them. We know the conveniences by now – easy portability – and the inconvenience – slowness for flicking through, and expense when you leave them on the train. New e-book readers are coming on the market every week or so, and people do buy them. But still the question remains: how do we make people want e-books, and how do we make them want them more than they want books? As Joe Wikert says, “Figure out how to add more value to the ebook“. But how?

This post will give a possible answer to that question, and also give an explanation to the people who email me every day to ask whether there’s going to be a version of Universalis for the Amazon Kindle (and if not, why not).

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