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The Church of the Future

Posted by universalis on 17 April 2009

Many people will more or less rely on the Church, who will somehow, and from the outside, as it were, share her inner life. The parish will remain the essential cell of community life, but it will scarcely be possible to keep up the entire parish system as it now exists (a system that is of rather recent date). We will have to learn how to come together, and that will be an enrichment. In the astonishing diversity of Christian forms of life today, the Church tomorrow is already very clearly among us.

Who is speaking? Many people – especially from the outside – will guess almost anything but the right answer. To prolong the suspense, I’m just going to give a link to the book that this quotation comes from: Amazon UK / USA.

3 Responses to “The Church of the Future”

  1. joy said

    I was going to guess JPII but there is a bit of a different “voice” to the quote. We must pray for our Holy Father. He is the Vicar of a broken world, and within this world a broken flock. We must align our wills with the Will of the Holy Spirit, we must pray for His Will, and see that Will in the example of Peter. Yes, broken world, an old man is our wise Father. The celibate priesthood, every priest committed only to Christ and always prepared for martyrdom, faithful to the confessional, faithful to the Eucharist, faithful to the teachings of the Church and the Spirit of the Church, is our greatest hope. Thanks be to God for His Church, his priests, his Pope. The Church of the Future is the one to which the world will return when lovelessness, greed, and violence have exhausted us.

  2. Hank said

    Joseph Ratzinger

  3. Kay said

    You have put my groaning in a paragraph. We can only wait in the deep silence of our God.

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