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Universalis on Linux

Posted by universalis on 17 February 2009

If you’re using the Universalis web site, your browser will display it for you just as easily on Linux as on any other system. This posting is about using the downloadable Universalis on Linux.

There is no specific Linux version of the downloadable Universalis. However, one user has written to us about his experiences of using the Windows version under Linux. Here is his story:

Universalis & Linux – IT WORKS!

I’ve subscribed to Universalis for a few years now, and as one can expect, computing needs and capabilities change over time. I have switched nearly all of my computing over to Linux. For the times when I do not have an Internet connection, I like having it on my computer. I had originally gotten Universalis to run on a Dell Axim, but now I have two Linux netbooks (Asus 900 and Dell Mini Inspiron 1210) and don’t use the Axim any longer. I use Linux on my desktop.

I just downloaded the Windows standalone software today to see if it would work in Linux. I am pleased to report that it does.

If your Linux distribution has the free (open source) WINE software (www.winehq.org) or its paid version CrossOver Linux (www.codeweavers.com), the Windows version will work just fine.

For the Linux users out there, I am using Kubuntu 8.04.01 on my desktop, Easy Peasy 1.0 (Ubuntu 8.04.1), and Dell’s modified Ubuntu 8.04+ on the Inspiron. I used CrossOver Linux 7.1.

I tested it on a Mandriva One 2009 system using WINE 1.1.14, and it worked just fine there.

Since Linux is becoming more popular worldwide, I thought this would be good news.

Kindest regards and sincere thanks and blessings to all who make Universalis available for the start of my day.

Joe Webb
Harrisville, RI USA

3 Responses to “Universalis on Linux”

  1. Joe Webb said

    You may want to consider adding “Linux” to the Universalis home page banner (where it says “Your PC or Mac”) since this works so well — and then put a note linking to this blogpost for the Linux enthusiasts to know how simple the process is.

    I was just traveling a lot and having it with me on my netbook on my plane flights was just wonderful. Thanks again for Universalis!

    • Joe Webb said

      Just as an update… I have changed my Linux OS usage to PCLinuxOS for my desktop, and Xubuntu for my Asus. My Dell still has Ubuntu 8.04+. The latest versions of Universalis for Windows are working fine in the latest releases of WINE. You might need to make an adjustment to have it run as a separate window, which is an option in the graphical settings. If you notice that the window in which Universalis is vertically long and narrow, this is the setting you will need to change.

      Uiversalis still runs exceptionally well in Linux.

      Separately, I can also report that it runs problem-free on my Windows 7 laptop.

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