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Pasting into Word

Posted by universalis on 6 February 2009

If you copy and paste the contents of a Universalis page (for example, Vespers) from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Microsoft Word, then you will find that the leftmost half an inch of each psalm is missing. This is a Microsoft bug. If you use a different web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, you will not have the problem.

Here are two ways of working round this problem.

1. Reformat each table

Each psalm and reading appears in Word as a separate table, with frames round it. You need to perform the following steps on each table in turn:

  1. Select the table. You can do this by clicking anywhere inside the table and then using Table > Select, or by moving the mouse to the top left-hand corner of the table and clicking on the square box-with-arrows that appears just outside the top left-hand corner. You will know when you have selected the table because it will all appear as white text on a black background.
  2. Use the command Table > Convert > Table to Text to convert the table into ordinary text. Use the options “Separate text with paragraph marks” and “Convert nested tables”.

2. Reformat all the text at once

  1. Select all the text in the document, for example by pressing Ctrl+A.
  2. Use the command Format > Paragraph. In the “Indentation” section of the “Indents and Spacing” tab, open the drop-down list labelled “Special”, and choose “(none)”. Then click on OK.

Ways of avoiding the problem

One way is to use a different browser, such as Mozilla Firefox. Other non-Microsoft browsers such as Safari or Opera may also work.

If you use copy-and-paste as a way of preserving Universalis pages for future reference, you could try saving them to disk instead. Alternatively, if you don’t mind spending some money, you could install the downloadable Universalis, which also has copy-and-paste facilities; and these are immune to the Microsoft bug. You don’t have to spend your money at once: you get a month’s free trial when you install the software.

The cause of the problem is this: when Universalis displays verse, it arranges things so that if a line of verse is too long to fit, it is spread across several lines on the screen and the continuation lines are displayed half an inch to the right. This makes it easy to tell when a new line of verse has really started, and when it has simply been continued onto the next line on the screen. Technically, this is accomplished by telling your browser “Set the margin 0.5″ to the right, but start the first line 0.5″ to the left of the margin”. The Microsoft Internet Explorer / Microsoft Word problem arises because Word doesn’t move the margin to the right but does move the first line to the left – making the beginning of the line invisible.

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