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Universalis on Linux

Posted by universalis on 17 February 2009

If you’re using the Universalis web site, your browser will display it for you just as easily on Linux as on any other system. This posting is about using the downloadable Universalis on Linux.

There is no specific Linux version of the downloadable Universalis. However, one user has written to us about his experiences of using the Windows version under Linux. Here is his story:

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Pasting into Word

Posted by universalis on 6 February 2009

If you copy and paste the contents of a Universalis page (for example, Vespers) from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Microsoft Word, then you will find that the leftmost half an inch of each psalm is missing. This is a Microsoft bug. If you use a different web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, you will not have the problem.

Here are two ways of working round this problem.

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New layout

Posted by universalis on 5 February 2009

We’ve changed the layout of the daily Liturgy pages to make them clearer. We have tested the changes on several browsers, and they should work correctly on AvantGo as well.

If you have any problems displaying the new layout, please let us know by following the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every Universalis page.

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