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Universalis has been updated

Posted by universalis on 2 November 2008

The Mass readings in Universalis have now been thoroughly revised and should match exactly what you hear in church (except for the USA and Canada, where the Jerusalem Bible translation is not used). In addition, on days when there are various alternative readings, all the alternatives are shown (except for All Souls’ Day, which has too many). As before, the Responsorial Psalm isn’t currently included, for copyright reasons: thank you all for your recent feedback on this in the blog.

In addition, the range of liturgical calendars available now includes Wales, Ireland and Malta. The local feast days are identified and there are brief biographies of the saints of the day.

If you’re using Universalis on the Web or through AvantGo, you don’t need to do anything.

If you’re using Universalis on Windows, the Mac, PalmOS or Windows Mobile, you can download the new version from http://www.universalis.com/n-download.htm. Just click on the appropriate “Installation” link at the bottom of the page. You won’t need to re-enter your registration code.

If you’re using Universalis on the iPhone or iPod Touch, please wait: the update has been submitted to Apple and you will automatically be notified by Apple when it has been approved and is available for you to download.

16 Responses to “Universalis has been updated”

  1. Matt said

    I’m wondering when the Day Time prayers will be added to the program. I like the idea the readings are shown but its missing a entire part of the prayer! Also, the Ant. for each part during Lords and Vespers. When will they appear in the program. Please advise.

  2. Thomas O'Donald said

    Please add the 1962 liturgical calendar!!!

  3. John Bott said

    Thanks for the update. I’m in the USA but I enjoy the convenience of the office and daily Mass readings on my iPhone. I hope someday that the readings based on the NAB will be available.

    Have you thought of adding the ability to change the size of the font? As I get older, I find it a little difficult to read the small font size. This would be a most convenient update.

    Thanks for the valuable service your are providing. God bless!

  4. @John:

    Font size is already done! I’m not getting any younger either.

    The simplest way is to display one of the text pages (readings or Office) and double-tap on the screen. You can also use the pinch-zoom technique: there’s a brief description at http://www.universalis.com/n-download-iPhone.htm.


    There is always more to be done. Both the things you mention are on my list and I’ll get round to them in the end.


    I’m afraid it’s probably too complicated to add this to the programming. As you’ve seen from the other comments, there are a lot of other things that need doing!!

  5. Linda said

    I am just discovering Universalis and love this website! Thank you for that you provide! I have added your footer to my blog. However, it is too bad that the 1962 calendar gets second class treatment. I’m with you, Thomas. Maybe someday!

  6. Linda said

    Sorry for all the italics!!!

  7. Michael said

    In the Lord’s Prayer the anglican version: forgive those that trespass
    should be: forgive those who trespass

  8. Clifton said

    When will you have the proper antiphons and responsories for the Hours? It doesn’t feel “right” praying the Hours without the proper antiphons and responsories. I have to have my LoH book with me to have it complete. Please add the antiphons and responsories.

  9. ab said

    The best part about Universalis is its choice of biblical translations. I use this site because the Jerusalem Bible is the chosen text. Perhaps someday Universalis will move to the New JB. That is uses the JB is just fine, however.

  10. Matt said

    I’m somewhat disappointed that this program doesn’t include the Ant. for each pslam. Its like, I’m missing half of the prayer.

  11. Joseph said

    Thanks so much for this site. I’m a blind college student and I’m just learning about the liturgy of the hours. This makes it possible for me to have the prayers for myself on days when I can’t go to services. The mass readings are useful also.

  12. Rellis said

    Lay off on Universalis, people! The poor guy is doing the best he can to update the service, and for very little to no money.

    I paid for the iPod/iPhone app because it’s convenient, it’s a good service, and I’m sure it will get better and better going forward. Does he want to include hymns, antiphons, psalm-prayers, responsorial psalms, language options, calendar options, and the extraordinary form? Of course he does! Do I want to have all my work done for me every day by scantily-clad supermodels into tax accountants? Sure, but this is the real world.

    Universalis (if that IS your real name), THANK YOU. You probably don’t hear that enough, but thank you so much for making the prayer of the Church more accessible to the people of God.

  13. seraph said


    I am a registered owner of your program. For your Pocket PC version, would you kindly make it so that the font of the date at the top right corner corresponds to the chosen font?

    I know it seems a petty request; it’s just that the standard Courier New for it is so aesthetically horrible.

    Thanks and God Bless.

  14. Lori said

    Thanks to everyone who make this site possible. It is a great blessing to me.


  15. Ray Ryan said

    Wonderful work is done here. Use of the site each day has changed my life for the better and God is pleased ! Now and again, perhaps you’ll offer the Daily Office for those Clergy who have fallen away from the Breviary- help bring them back. God Bless.

  16. Angelus Njagi said

    Thank you, universalis for the wonderful work. Its great having the divine office on the hand held devises. I know you are usually overwhelmed with requests made by us, your humble customers, but let me add one – just for the future. If you would kindly add for us the Mass antiphons, collect, preface, and the post communion prayers – to come along with the readings! That will be a great help. And the daily responsorial psalm – doesn’t matter the translation. The above request is for the general calender please.

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