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St Joseph in 2008

Posted by universalis on 31 January 2008

When Easter is early, the feasts of St Joseph and the Annunciation may fall in Holy Week or Easter Week. The rules say that in that case they should be celebrated on the next free day, which is the Monday after Easter week; or on the Monday and the Tuesday if both feasts have to be moved, as they do this year.

This “traffic jam” of feasts has been felt to be inconvenient and so the rules have been changed from 2008 onwards, so that St Joseph is moved backwards to the Saturday before Holy Week.

The calendar on the Universalis site now implements the new rules and the downloadable programs will do so soon.

There is a further complication in Ireland and other places where St Patrick is celebrated as a solemnity. In these places, when there is an earlier Easter, St Patrick is moved earlier to avoid Holy Week, and St Joseph is moved one day earlier still, to the Friday before Holy Week. If you have the appropriate local calendar selected, Universalis will do this also.

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