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International crime

Posted by universalis on 9 October 2007

Universalis is responsible for distributing criminal content on an international scale. Apart from places such as China and Pakistan, Universalis also helps anti-social elements in Malaysia to subvert the law, as this testimonial shows.

21 Responses to “International crime”

  1. Please tell me how to make contact with you. I have a problem that I’d like your advice on. Thanks.

  2. Michael Scott said

    This makes no sense to me. Unless it’s meaning is that the coming of the Word as we understand was to bring a Fire to this earth for our turning from sin to seeking God.

  3. Lois Congdon said

    I presume the writer from Malaysia is saying in Muslim countries Christianity is not allowed to be practiced, or Catholicism. Via internet or RSS, etc.. Through Universalis he can receive the Catholic liturgy and thus commit a crime I guess. He receives Communion spiritually. That’s the sense I got out of this comment. Jesus is a revolutionary I used to hear in earlier years.

  4. Ann said

    Dos this mean that we, your regular readers, are co-conspirators guilty by association?

  5. Fr. Dave said

    This site provides a spiritual resource for all those who desire to walk in this way. One need not avail oneself of this resource if one does not want it. Yes, Jesus himself was revolutionary in the way he confronted the religious establishment of his day. The Gospel still confronts us today, especially when we use religion to control and abuse people for our own benefit and security. Criminal? Yes, Jesus was crucified. Criminal? Yes, and the blood of the martyrs became the seed from which the church grew and grew and witnessed to the power of God. Are we really co-conspirators? By prayer and supplication, I would hope it would be guilt by more than just association! God’s Peace be upon all of us, especially in places of oppression. Pray for peace and religious freedom for all.

  6. Ann said

    You are quite right, Fr. Dave. Association is not near enough. Total immersion, total commitment is what we are called to as professors of faith and followers of Christ. A way of life which should indeed lead to prayer and more prayer for peace and freedom for all. Nothing deterred Jesus, nothing should deter us.

  7. Pete said

    I think this post should be re-written… it makes very strange sense. Whatever the posters noble intentions, it suggests universalis.com is a criminal site! Perhaps he should have posted in Malay.

  8. gurnygob said

    I have a site that i am trying to promote and I as am sure you know, it is not that easy when one starts off. I was wondering if you would consider giving me a link on your site. you will find my site at.
    May God bless you.
    yours in Jesus

  9. Greybelt said

    There have been news reports of Chinese officials banning Bibles of Olympic athletes as they attend and participate in the 2008 games. The digital version of Universalis’ Liturgy of the Hours and other readings may be the best way for spiritually active participants to take the Word with them.

  10. Keep up the good work, you subversive types! ;D

  11. Ann said

    I might have said this a while back but I’m happy to say it again and again: Thank you, Universalis, for the great service you provide every day of the year. I’m always conscious of the fact that there are many thousands online here on any given day, and it’s this site and God’s word and our love and hunger for the Word that unifies and brings us together.
    And you are to be praised also for the effort you put in to making the site available in so many different formats so as to reach those in the far corners of the earth, or home-based commuters.

  12. Fr. Dave said

    Especially at this time of the year, can we not say that we can see “a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel”? (Luke 2.32) If we include all non-Jews in the term Gentile, then the good news is for all of us. If we are Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, we can all hear the good news of Jesus. He came for all of humanity and indeed the blessing of his coming is destined to bring all humanity faith, hope, and love, that which will abide for all time, especially love.

  13. Grace said

    A ‘criminal’ is a person who does harm to another, thereby breaking with the law that all persons are bound to obey out of respect for each other and for God, Who is the Author of all human life. A person who practices religion according to their understanding of the truth (which they have informed to the best of their ability and in all sincerity) cannot be accused of wrongdoing. Rather, it is the person who, without sincerely seeking the truth out of desire to honor God and his fellow men, rashly obeys false teachings that satisfy only his pride and his evil inclinations to inflict pain and suffering on others, –this man (or group of men) is the one who commits the crime. Men who govern entire nations have exercised this oppression throughout all the ages of man’s life in this world. Jesus, the Eternal Word made Flesh, came Himself to exercise His Infinite Love and Mercy toward His children…to show them how to love and live with Him and with each other. He also shows us how to die, and that by laying down one’s life for one’s friends, as He did for us all, we are born to Eternal Life. Let us pray for those who live under this oppression of the very heart of their life, their love for God and neighbor. May we, who are free to exercise our belief, make good on that freedom and practice our religion with humble zeal!
    Jesus, we trust in You!

  14. John said

    Your is doing a great job in bringing the gospel in its unadulterated form to the entire world. The daily sermons by the fathers and saints of the Church provides a very effective exposition of our the Catholic Doctrine of Jesus Christ our Saviour. It would be another great plus if your site could provide some of us with the most popular Catholic Gregorian Chants sang by Monks from our Monasteries. We could download and listen during our daily devotions. I’ll be pleased if you could give this suggestion a consideration.
    Thanks and God Bless.

  15. Mary Anne said

    If you are criminal, I guess that makes me one too. We worship the Creator of the Universe. – – Mary Anne

  16. DN said

    Well, if the Word of God is “criminal content” in some countries, I plead guilty, although with a clean conscience, because the Word of God is light, life and truth.

  17. eugene said

    Let me be a criminal, too, if that’s what following Jesus and God’s word means. I guess that’s what we need nowadays, criminals (and fools!) for God. Too many of us are complacent; we ask others to change but are not willing to change ourselves. No wonder many times God does not listen to us. Thank you, Universalis, for giving us access to God’s word and to pray to him even in our busiest moments.

  18. Loyal Servant said

    I am a Third Order Carmelite with a very bad memory….I cannot get it through my head how to say the Liturgy of the Hours using my books. So, your service of offering the LOH is invaluable to me. I never thought I would live to see the day when praying would be a crime. I guess we have to do MORE praying until it becomes a Blessed activity again!!!!

  19. Rationalize this further said

    It strikes me that this is not a distribution. Anyone coming here is seeking. This was not distributed to me, I came here seeking. Nothing is distributed on the internet. Thus this criminality is a self accusation.

  20. Live on you sinners but not in you sin. Live on you criminals in your ‘self accusations’, spread His Word. Count it all joy,…when you meet various trials, for you know that the testing of you faith produces steadfastness….and let it have it’s full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (jm1:2-4)
    May His Word, rich as it flurish in you ‘criminal activity’. May you be “rich in good works.” (tm6:18) Go ahead boast in your exaltation and yet remember to be rich in your humiliation. Be not rich in your service but rich in Him you serve. For it is not the gifts you seek or teach but the Gift Giver.

  21. Margaret said

    Well, after all, our Lord was condemned as a criminal. The Romans considered us Christians to be criminals. I feel honored to walk that path with Him.

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