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AvantGo on Pocket PC

Posted by universalis on 3 July 2007

People using AvantGo to read Universalis on the Pocket PC have been complaining that AvantGo makes the Universalis page slightly too wide for the screen, so that you have to keep on scrolling left and right as you read each line.

I’ve tried this out and I think I’ve found a way round it: at least, it works on my iPaq.

  1. In AvantGo, view a Universalis content page: for example, the About Today page for any day (it doesn’t seem to matter which page, actually).
  2. Tap on the word “Menu” at the bottom left-hand corner, and a menu will pop up.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select “Options” and then “Page Options”.
  4. An Option Manager window will open, giving options that will apply to the Universalis pages. This page has multiple pages but it usually opens on the “Browser” page, which is the one you want.
  5. You’ll see that “Maximum font size” is set to “x-Large”. Set it to “Large” instead, and tap on “OK”.
  6. The Universalis page will now appear narrow enough to fit on your screen, and the horizontal scroll bar (at the bottom of the screen) will have disappeared.

While you’re in the Option Manager window, you may find life more convenient if you change “Dragging pen” from “selects” to “scrolls”, since you’re more likely to be scrolling through Universalis than you are to be selecting text within it.

5 Responses to “AvantGo on Pocket PC”

  1. John Browne said

    Just found your blog…

    I use Universalis when I don’t have my breviary, and I find it very helpful.



  2. Carl n9ibd said

    I too have wondered how to make the whole page fit on my iPAQ.
    thanks to your tip on Jul 3rd 2007.


  3. Ryan said

    thanks to this electronic Liturgy of the Hours it brought back my desire to pray the holy office even if I’am in the office working as a call center agent. I guess this is the only link that I had from my past…as a former seminarian.

  4. Charlotte said

    I cannot find Universalis channel on the Aventgo website. IS it still offered there for download to the PDA?

  5. The AvantGo web site never mentioned the Universalis channels, but you can find instructions for subscribing to them on this page on the Universalis site.

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