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Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Posted by universalis on 15 June 2006

Universalis now has the local calendar for southern Africa (thanks to prompting from Father Chris Townsend at the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference) and I've taken the opportunity to bring the Australian and New Zealand calendars up to date.

If anyone can get information about the local calendars for Canada, India and Scotland, please let me know!

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  1. John Hampsey said

    What do you need to know about the local calendar for Scotland? I’ll try & help, John

  2. Thank you! Here is what I know about Scotland at the moment:

    13 January – St Kentigern is added, as a memorial.
    10 March – St John Ogilvie is added, as a feast.
    Saint Patrick is raised to the status of a feast.
    Saint Columba is raised to the status of a memorial.
    Saints Cyril and Methodius are raised to the status of a feast.
    Saint Benedict is raised to the status of a feast.
    26 August – St Ninian is added, as a memorial.
    Saint Margaret is raised to the status of a feast.
    Saint Andrew is raised to the status of a solemnity.
    The Epiphany is moved to the nearest Sunday.
    Corpus Christi is moved to the following Sunday.

    1. The list of saints is probably out of date. (What about St Edith Stein, for instance?)
    2. There may be other feasts that get moved, apart from the ones I’ve listed. For example, in England the Assumption, SS. Peter and Paul, and All Saints are all moved to Sunday if they occur on Saturday or Monday.

  3. http://www.liturgy.co.nz is a new worship website, primarily Anglican New Zealand.
    It is working towards renewing the NZ Anglican calendar.
    It is also starting to review different Office Books.
    Visitors and links to other sites always welcomed. If you make such a link, please let me know and I will acknowledge this on my site.

  4. Fr Ivan Boyle said

    Scotland like england moves Assumption, SS Peter and Paul and all saints to the Sunday if they occur on Saturday or Monday, they are usually Holidays of Obligations otherwise. The rest looks OK (although I do not have the ordo handy) Edith Stein is not someone I can ever seeing with any prominence in our ordo. There are of course a couple of diocesan specific variations but what you have seems a good representation for Scotland as a whole.

  5. mariano said

    I’m pleasure in trying to send you the indian calendar.
    Do you want all the one? or only the particularities of the country and its several diocesis?

  6. Dominic said

    The National Liturgical Commission publishes the Ordo for Australia on behalf of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference – the Ordo can be purchased at http://www.litcom.net.au/publications/ordo.php

  7. Alex said

    Thank You

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