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Universalis for the blind

Posted by universalis on 29 May 2006

If you are blind and you are using a screen reader to read this post, you will also be able to read the main Universalis web pages without trouble, but up to now you will not have had access to the downloadable Universalis, a version that saves you from constantly having to connect to the Internet to get the latest psalms and readings.

The downloadable Universalis can now work with screen readers. When the program detects that a screen reader is present it switches itself to a special mode that makes the Hours visible to the screen reader software. That mode is also designed to be easier to control if you can't see what you are doing. You can read the instructions for using Universalis in this mode here.

We have tested this mode with both the JAWS and Window-Eyes screen readers. We are grateful to Rebecca DeGeorge, whose questions about screen readers prompted us to add this feature.

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